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sui generis styling

Unique interpretations of contemporary art - providing the dimension, depth, and meaning to automotive and marine styling

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Project: Maiseman Toisto

Vehicle for business and personal use for a small Helsinki company, Team Rametto

Tuula Lehtinen: "Maiseman Toisto", 1994

Photo etching, aquatint on copper

Project: Van Dael I 

Winner of a car design competition for a private client in Helsinki, Finland

Tuula Lehtinen: "Van Dael I", 2020

Oil on canvas

Coming Soon: Wings of Hope

Series of works for foiling marine vessels in Helsinki, Finland


Mari Rantanen: "Wings Of Hope I, II, III", 2012 and"Baertlings Wingarna", 2012


Concept: Rautakantele

Entry in a car-styling design competition based on the artwork for music artist A.W. Yrjänä and CMX . The original artwork was used as the album cover for CMX music record "Rautakantele".

Tuula Lehtinen: "Rautakantele", 1995

Etching and ink on copper

Concept: Pelasta Maailma

A car-styling competition entry based on the artwork for the CMX music single record "Pelasta Maailma".

Tuula Lehtinen: "Pelasta Maailma", 1995

Etching and ink on copper


Tuula Lehtinen

Tuula Lehtinen is a Tampere based artist whose special objects of interest are art in connection of architecture and the wide range of traditional and modern techniques, specially the use of printing methods.

She studied in The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 1976-1980, and has since then been an active player in the Finnish art scene. For her the development of the printmaking field has been particularly interesting and the renewal of valuable tradition and craftsmanship have played a central role in her work. In recent years, the artist has made a number of impressive mosaic works and bringing art into the architecture has become an increasingly important issue in her work.

Mari Rantanen

Mari Rantanen was born 1956 in Espoo, Finland and currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and Tammela, Finland. She studied in the School of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (1975-1979), Pratt Institute in New York (1982-83) and worked as the Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm (1996–2005).

Her interests are in architecture and painting, making places and spaces for emotions. Through the painting process the artist creates surfaces that express the more positive side of life, hope and joy, surfaces that are sensual. The works capture the light and give body to humanity and energy, making the visible more visible and giving form and colour to that what is not visible.

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ART selection

Choosing artwork that reflects the preferences of the client and a visually and conceptually suited design for a vehicle or boat brand


Ensuring that the artwork's required usage rights and licenses have been cleared


Obtaining permissions for adapting the artwork's layout, colors, and scale 


concept DESIGN

Interpreting artwork in a way that preserves the idea and vision of the artist

Understanding the nuances of the vehicle or boat's design, shape, and style

Taking into considerations the client's preferences and the aspects of how the vehicle or boat is used


Overseeing the selection of all project partners; facilitating and coordinating the end-to-end process

Offering creative vision and quality control of all steps of production of digital and physical deliverables

Facilitating artwork acquisition for the client's private collection


Pop-Up Galleries

Explore our unique pop-up galleries, where art, stunning cars, and innovative marine vehicles converge in fascinating locations.

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Fun Stuff

art selection, design, vision, materials

Boring Stuff

management, logistics, contracts

Laura / Frei Zimmer
Smart Stuff

art rights, licensing, legal



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